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 Indian Head Massage. Head massage

Indian Head Massage

Our head, face, neck and shoulders hold a great deal of the stress and tension which affect us all in everyday life. This treatment will help to ease this tension, and is wonderfully relaxating. It can also help to clear your mind, improve sleep and promote healthy hair growth.

"As someone with severe chronic pain conditions, I have been fortunate to have Alison carry out her treatments at my home over the past 6 years. After a pre-treatment discussion, Alison tailors her treatments according to how I am feeling on that day eg if my fibromyalgia is flaring, we might agree on reflexology or if it is neck tension/sinusitis, I might have an Indian Head Massage. I couldn't ask for a more compassionate, caring and professional holistic therapist. She really goes the extra mile for her clients!"
Nathalie (Kenley)

Performed whilst you are seated and fully clothed, this treatment involves work on the face, ears, shoulders, neck, upper arms and scalp.
It is also an excellent treatment to be undertaken in the workplace*, as it can help to relieve stress and tension from working at a computer or driving and can help to clear the mind and focus the brain. The massage is traditionally performed without oil, but a little oil can be used for the scalp massage if you would like. I usually use Camellia oil, which is excellent for keeping hair moisturised and supple. Camellia oil is said to stimulate the scalp and encourage the growth of healthy hair.

*Please ask for more details of my workplace treatments. Prices will depend on the number of treatments which take place.


Indian Head massage (30 mins) £40

Indian Head Massage with Camellia oil added to encourage healthy hair (35 mins) £45



Indian Head Massage combined with mini Reflexology (30 mins of each) £70*

Indian Head Massage combined with Reiki (30 mins of each) £70

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage treatment - (90 minutes) £90*

Head to Toe - Indian Head Massage and Kansa Vatki Foot and Leg Massage (60 mins) £70

Head to Toe Dream Team - Indian Head Massage, Reiki facial treatment and Foot and Leg Massage (90 mins) £95

NB: if this is your first Reflexology session, please add £5 and allow extra time for your consultation

* Please add £5 to the above prices if this is your first reflexology session and allow extra time for consultation.



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